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Fred's excellent service

Ever wonder why lawyers get a bad wrap? Fred will break that mold, and give you a different view on layers. He has given me an Excellent experience, not once but twice, with a 3rd time approaching. He Helped me both times when I needed it. Was fair on price, my time and communicated with me very well. Worked around my schedule, answered my questions honestly, timely and liked the fact he gave me options opposed to just telling me. It's very important that people know all options available, and are explained what and why. Fred has been a pleasant, professional, honest person with me and I'm sure that's how he is with all his clients. Something simple as a divorce or custody battle can some times seems overwhelming, he not only calmed me down but also cared about the results, kids and just everyone and everything involved. When talking to people you can tell he actually genially cares, oppose to other lawyers who just want to go for the pocket. Some of the options given were money saving ones that most lawyers wouldn't give just so they could gouge you and get more money from you. He comes highly recommended by me. Even after all the work was done, he still went out his way to contact me to make sure everything was going well and see how the kid(s) were. It's nice to deal with a family oriented person who can put himself in your shoes to help get you the best result possible. Fred was recommended to me and it was one great recommendation. Thanks again.

– Bruce

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